Travel Set Hydra Spa Malvasía: Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Body Milk – Natural Ingredients and the Perfect Gift


Experience the freshness and benefits of Lanzarote’s Malvasia with our Travel Set Hydra Spa. It includes shampoo, bath gel, and body milk, all enriched with natural ingredients to care for your skin and hair while you travel. Perfect for gifting.

Discover the magic of Lanzarote in your personal care routine with the Travel Set Hydra Spa – Malvasia. Harness the benefits of Malvasia and enjoy healthier skin and hair wherever you go. Add it to your cart and take it with you on your next trip!

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Travel Set Hydra Spa Malvasía: Shampoo, Bath Gel, and Body Milk – Natural Ingredients and the Perfect Gift


The Travel Set Hydra Spa Malvasia provides you with the complete care and freshness experience that your skin and hair need while you’re traveling. This set includes three essential products: Shampoo, Bath Gel, and Body Milk, all enriched with the unique properties of Malvasia, a grape variety grown in Lanzarote.

Key Benefits:

  • Hydrating Shampoo: The shampoo provides gentle and effective cleansing for your hair while deeply nourishing and hydrating it. You’ll notice the difference in the softness and shine of your hair from the first application.
  • Refreshing Bath Gel: Malvasia bath gel envelops you in a luxurious foam that cleanses your skin, leaving it soft and revitalized. Its fresh aroma transports you to the vineyards of Lanzarote.
  • Nourishing Body Milk: The body milk intensely hydrates your skin, leaving it soft and supple. Its lightweight formula absorbs quickly, allowing you to dress immediately without a sticky feeling.

Featured Ingredients:

  • Lanzarote Malvasia: Rich in antioxidants, this grape variety helps combat signs of aging and keeps your skin and hair healthy.
  • Natural Ingredients: All our products are formulated with high-quality natural ingredients, free from harsh chemicals, for gentler and more skin-friendly care.

Ideal for Gifting:

The Travel Set Hydra Spa – Malvasia is a perfect gift option for your loved ones or to pamper yourself on your next trip. The products come in an elegant and practical packaging that easily fits into your luggage. Share the freshness and benefits of Lanzarote with this exceptional personal care set.

Maximum Hydration with the Travel Set Hydra Spa – Malvasia: Tips and Secrets

Welcome to our blog, where we’ll reveal the secrets to getting the maximum benefit from the Travel Set Hydra Spa – Malvasia. This set of shampoo, bath gel, and body milk will transport you to a state of exceptional relaxation and care. Let’s explore some tricks and tips to make the most of this sensory experience.

1. Malvasia Shower for Revitalization

Start your care routine with Malvasia bath gel. Malvasia, a distinguished wine from Lanzarote, will envelop you in its intoxicating fragrance as you cleanse and revitalize. Apply the gel to your sponge or directly onto your skin to enjoy a complete sensory experience. Then rinse and feel the freshness envelop you.

2. Deep Nourishment with Shampoo

Continue with Malvasia shampoo to pamper your hair. Apply it to wet hair and gently massage the scalp. Enjoy the creamy foam and the delicious fragrance that fills your bathroom. Rinse thoroughly to reveal clean, soft, and delicately scented hair.

3. Body Milk for Silky Skin

The final touch of your Hydra Spa experience is Malvasia body milk. After your revitalizing shower, apply this body milk to clean, dry skin. Massage in gentle movements to help it absorb completely. You’ll notice how your skin is deeply hydrated and enveloped in the fragrance of Malvasia.

4. Luxury Anytime

The Travel Set Hydra Spa – Malvasia is perfect to take with you on your travels. The practical 100ml format of each product makes it ideal for carrying in your hand luggage or gym bag. This way, you can enjoy the indulgence of Malvasia anytime, anywhere.

5. Exceptional Gift

This body care set is also an exceptional gift for your loved ones. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion with this unique gift that offers luxury and well-being. It’s a gesture of appreciation and care that will never go unnoticed.

With the Travel Set Hydra Spa – Malvasia, your care routine becomes a true luxury ritual! Discover the freshness, nutrition, and fragrance of Lanzarote’s Malvasia and enjoy revitalized skin and hair. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this gift from Lanzarote’s nature.


Ideal for Gifting:

Surprise your loved ones or treat yourself to the Travel Set Hydra Spa – Malvasia. This exquisite set is perfect for pampering your skin and hair with the benefits of Lanzarote’s Malvasia. Ideal for any occasion, from birthdays to special celebrations.

Let yourself be carried away by the essence of Malvasia and transform your personal care routine into a true luxury ritual with this exceptional gift set.

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