Tiger Balm


Adding the benefits of CBD to tiger balm makes it much more effective in treating a wide range of problems/conditions that you may have, including muscular pains, minor burns, colds, blocked nose and much more.

Our handmade tiger balm enriched with CBD, without oil and made from essential oils will please you with its many virtues.

Tiger Balm is a daily remedy that has been used for hundreds of years. I

n addition, our balm specifically designed to meet the growing demand for natural care is enriched with CBD, the famous cannabinoid that you have heard so much about.


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For nearly 100 years, the original Tiger Balm soothes, heals and cures many ailments. Headache, stomach, neck, body aches, stuffy nose, respiratory support for sports and many other uses for which this balm is here to help!

Tip # 1 Relieves mosquito bites

The Balm is applied directly to the sting to soothe your itching, allowing you to go on with your day without the constant scratching.

Tip # 2: Blocked nose

Ah pollen and colds, those infernal plagues! Well you’ll be pleased to know that putting a touch of Tiger Balm just below and around your nostrils and breathe again become a pleasure.

Tip 3: Help to breathe

Did you know that many professional athletes use the balm on their chests before heavy physical labor? Indeed, the use of this miracle product on the chest to the lungs, helps relieve pain associated with rapid race.

Tip 4: Soothes sore throat

You start to feel a pincushion in the back of the throat? Do not wait and take the bull by the horns! Generously apply the balm with the palm of your hand around the neck area. Quickly, your sore throat will be a distant memory.

Tip 5: Relieves headaches

There is nothing worse than a bad headache. Enter you immediately your potty and massage your temples. Apply in again if necessary.

Tip # 6: Quiet minor burns

With the return grills, small burns galloping back! Carefully put balm on the affected parts. It will relieve you from the pain and avoid the appearance of light bulb.

The Burn will heal quicker the faster you apply the balm!

Tip # 7: Relieves all muscle aches

Tiger Balm can be used as an analgesic for pain such as cramps, rheumatism or a simple twist of ankle. Therefore, apply directly on the painful areas without moderation.


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