Protective Moisturizing Cream With Natural Oil


Its formula includes natural extracts of:

  • Hemp oil: protects the skin from excessive moisture loss, revitalizes and nourishes it.
  • Shea butter: rich in vitamin A and E, and natural UV filter.
  • Squalane: located in human skin and shark liver is an ingredient with highly moisturizing and softening properties.
  • SyriCalm: flax and cucumber are full of precious ingredients that have moisturizing, softening and soothing effects.
  • ‘Omega plus’ oils: protect the skin from moisture loss and the negative impact of external factors.

The unique combination of ingredients that the cream contains allows it to moisturize, revitilize and protect the skin of your face and anywear else you would like to appy it. Furthermore, it´s content of shea butter, which is a natural UV filter will help to protect your skin against the sun, making the cream ideal for use throughout the day.

It does not contain parabens, silicones or artificial colors.

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Botanical Flow Protective Moisturizing Cream from Delia protects the skin from moisture loss, nourishing and revitalizing it to produce a visibly improved and healthy effect.

What is it:

Naturally, what you need. But, it serves to protect the skin and pamper it with daily soothing properties. It is also good for all skin types, but it is especially good if you have a dry and delicate complexion. Additionally, it consists of 95% natural ingredients and you will not find parabens, silicones or artificial colors in me.

Botanical Flow Protective Moisturizing Cream from Delia is a day-time cream that helps with the care and hydration of your skin, whilst respecting its natural cycle. It is ideal for dry and sensitive skin. Made with 95% natural ingredients.

For this, it contains 95% natural ingredients, the remaining 5% guarantees its durability.

Active ingredients: hemp oil, shea butter, squalene, SyriCalmTM, flax and cucumber extract. “omega plus” oil complex: sunflower, corn, sesame, macadamia, olive oil.

The hemp oil contained in it, made from the medicinal variety of hemp, is one of the most valuable oils in the world, so it will protect the skin against moisture loss, it will also help in its regeneration and nutrition, and improve the condition this.

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