Bio Cream for after Sports with a Refreshing Effect


Bio cream Sport is a body lotion for daily use that allows you to take care of your skin with the benefits of CBD. It is a cream based on hemp oil and enriched with CBD that protects, moisturizes, nourishes and soothes the skin giving it a revitalizing and soothing effect.

  • 100% GMO free
  • 100% Vegan
  • Ecological certification
  • Body cream and CBD sports cream made with plant extracts: C.S.L., arnica montana, ginger, mint, eucalyptus, thyme
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • CBD body lotion, soothing, invigorating and refreshing for daily use
  • Free of chemicals, petrolatum and substances potentially harmful to the skin
  • Tested in laboratories to ensure the best result for atopic and sensitive skin
  • 50ml per unit / 100mg of CBD in total
  • Soft Eucalyptus Fragrance
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Bio CBD Sport Cream – Refreshing Effect – 50ml / 100mg CBD

Bio cream Sport is a body lotion with CBD made with natural oils, perfect for daily use, especially when many physical activities are performed. The cream has a refreshing effect on the skin and a soft and pleasant eucalyptus fragrance.

The CBD Sport Bio cream has a lightness superior to any other cream, which means that the active ingredients of the cream are absorbed by the tissues more easily. Also, this CBD sports cream is dermatologically tested. It has been studied for skin tolerance and obtained an excellent result. The cream moisturizes, softens, nourishes and regenerates the skin thanks to the properties found in hemp. The formula of this body lotion is suitable for all skin types and does not contain parabens or petroleum products, such as paraffin.

Featured Active Ingredients

Arnica Montana. Relieves joint pain and stimulates blood flow to the blood vessels, reducing inflammation. Especially helenalina found in arnica montana, is responsible for the anti-inflammatory properties of this plant. Finally, arnica extract has had analgesic, antiplatelet, antihistamine and antibacterial activity.

Full spectrum extract rich in CBD (100 mg). CBD gives this cream relaxing properties to prevent a wide variety of ailments and inflammation. It´s also very useful in cases of psoriasis and other dermal dysfunctions.

Thyme. Proven to have natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, thyme can serve as an effective natural skin cleanser and can help eliminate acne. Thyme has a relief effect on the skin and can serve as a natural remedy for skin rashes


Cream fragrance

The CBD Sport Bio cream has a mild fragrance of eucalyptus very refreshing.

Cream application

Apply the CBD Sport Bio body cream on a daily basis. Due to its vegetal characteristics and its cooling effect, the Bio CBD Sport cream is perfect for active and athletic people. Apply the cream on the desired area of ​​the body, spread and massage with circular movements until the skin absorbs the cream. The cream provides a relaxing and refreshing sensation of the skin thanks to its active ingredients in plants and its high CBD content. The CBD Sport Bio cream also moisturizes the skin thanks to its large amount of hemp seed oil, rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6.

The cream is very pleasant to apply thanks to its light texture and aromatic floral essence.

CBD skin care

This cream is made with cold pressed hemp oil and enriched with hemp extract rich in CBD. It has a high content of phytocannabinoids, mainly cannabidiol (CBD) and minor parts of CBG, CBN, CBC. Aditionally, it has more than 40 terpenes that are naturally present in hemp. Our CBD extract is made with the highest guarantees of quality. Through carbon dioxide (CO2), to preserve the maximum hemp flower components and their properties. Hemp oil naturally contains omega 3-6, which are essential oils for the well-being and nutrition of the skin.

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