How CBD Can Help For Lipomatosis

Lipoma lipomas are relatively common and affect one in 1,000 people and more or less the same proportion affect dogs too. If you have found a lipoma, try not to panic, as they are generally harmless. However, for some people, lipomas cause pain or embarrassment. 

Depending on its location, a lipoma can press on a nerve or have blood vessels that pass through it, causing pain. Other times, people do not like the look or feel of a lump under the skin.


Although lipomas often do not require medical attention, there is a rare form of skin cancer called “liposarcoma”. In such a case, the lipoma is slow growing and may proliferate or cause pain and inflammation, and a doctor should examine it. If you have multiple lipomas on the body, you may have a form of lipomatosis, a type of tumor of mast cell tumors.

Lipomatosis is a term to describe the growth of multiple lipomas. Lipomatosis can occur anywhere in the body, but the most common areas affected are the head and neck, pelvis and thighs. Most lipomas do not require any treatment. 

However, if the lipoma continues to grow, is annoying or causes pain, you may want to eliminate it. The same for pet owners. The first step to get rid off a lipoma is to visit a doctor for a diagnosis.

Treatment options depend on the type of lipomatosis and any condition that may be causing lipoma growth. However, the treatments consist of either the surgical removal of the lipoma, steroids used to reduce the lipomas or liposuction to extract the fatty tissue.

How can CBD help for Lipomatosis?

CBD oil could be an alternative to conventional lipoma treatments. Like steroids, CBD oil works as an anti inflammatory drug, but does not carry the side effects of steroids. 

In the article “Cannabinoids as new anti inflammatory drugs” we find that, studies show that cannabinoids, the active chemicals in cannabis, suppress the inflammatory response, reduce pain, slow the growth and malignant tumor.

According to this article, researchers have tested cannabinoids in experimental models of disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and colitis, both of which are inflammatory conditions. 

The cannabinoids protected the immune system from the development of the disease by creating multiple anti inflammatory pathways.

30ml cbd oil 20% canalanza
30ml CBD OIL 20% Canalanza

How to take CBD OIL for Lipomatosis?

Now you have information about how the Natural CBD Oil elaborated by Laboratorios Canalanza can help you with most of the common sympthoms of lipomatosis.

Our suggestion is to start using our CBD oil Canalanza with 3-5 drops in the morning, before breakfast and under the tongue. Leave the oil to disolve with saliva for at least one minute

Put 2-3 drops before having lunch and another 3-5 at night half an hour before going to sleep.

For better results increase with 1-2 drops in the morning dosage and 2-3 at night.

Our CBD oil has a natural taste, because of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil we use as a base for our CBD oil.

How to Buy CBD Oil for Lipomatosis online?

30ml cbd oil 20% thc canalanza
CBD oil 20% Laboratorios Canalanza

If you would like to order any of our CBD products, follow the next steps:

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In a few days you will receive  it with total security at home.

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