CBD for Toothache

Most toothaches occur due to pulpitis, which is an infection in the tooth. Each of our teeth contains nerves and blood vessels, just like in other parts of our body called the pulp. We can feel hot, cold and touch on our teeth due to the pulp they contain. However, the pulp also causes our teeth to feel pain when it becomes damaged or infected.

In some cases, the pain felt in the tooth comes from pain in another part of the body. For example, earaches and sinus pain can also cause toothaches.


CBD can reduce toothache pain and inflammation in an affected tooth. When we use CBD products, they interact with the cannabinoid receptors. Some cannabinoid receptors have a link with the immune system and decrease its response when they come into contact with CBD. Since our bodies create inflammation for immunological purposes, CBD reduces the inflammation they produce. Decreasing this inflammation takes care of the pain and swelling associated with a toothache.


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