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How CBD can help as preventive

We hear all kinds of news about CBD being an amazing treatment for this ailment or that, and it seems like every few weeks a new study comes out showing how effective it is for a new medical ailment.

But do you have to be suffering from a serious clinical illness to discover the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil?

Apparently not, as it turns out. 

For years, researchers and doctors have been trying to point healthy people to the possibility of using CBD as a simple, everyday preventative medicine. That is, taking it to improve overall long-term health, even if you don’t currently have a medical condition. And indeed, there has been no shortage of scientific backing in terms of the cannabis compound’s natural disease-preventing abilities.

CBD oil can be used as a daily preventive treatment to reduce the risk of everything from mental disorders and diabetes, to obesity and heart disease. It’s true that preventive medicine is one of the least discussed topics in terms of our health, so it’s clear that most people, even healthy people, can give their long-term well-being a little more consideration.

How to take CBD oil as preventive?

CBD oil 20% THC 30ml Laboratorios Canalanza
CBD oil 20% THC 30ml Laboratorios Canalanza

Our suggestion is to start using our CBD oil Canalanza with 3-5 drops. Starting in the morning, before breakfast and under the tongue.
Leave the oil to dissolve with saliva for at least one minute.
Put 2-3 drops before having lunch and another 3-5 at night half an hour before going to sleep.
For better results increase with 1-2 drops in the morning dosage and 2-3 at night.

Our CBD oil has a natural flavor due to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil used as the base.

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