how cbd canalanza can heklp with anti-inflammatory

How CBD can help as an anti-inflammatory

Despite the drawbacks of inflammation, it is a normal and healthy process for the body when we are injured or attacked by germs. Inflammation can appear as swelling, redness, or pain. When we experience inflammation, we can be sure that our body is acting to heal its injuries.

Therefore, inflammation can be a healthy response in our body. However, inflammation is at the root of many chronic diseases. It is also related to autoimmune diseases. In these cases, inflammation is not a good thing.

In fact, it can be destructive, where the immune system misdirects the body’s tissues, such as in type 1 diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis, which are autoimmune diseases.


The properties of CBD

Of all the qualities that CBD offers, its anti-inflammatory properties are without a doubt the most researched of the bunch. Being successfully used to treat almost all digestive conditions, as well as many other medical conditions, it is now considered one of the most efficient inflammation supplements available, even surpassing traditional options like vitamin C and omega 3 supplements.

Like all cannabinoids, CBD interacts with our bodies after consumption, but what’s interesting about CBD in particular is that it works differently than many of the other researched compounds in the cannabis plant, particularly when it comes to of interaction with the endocannabinoid system. Each and every one of us has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which controls the regulation of many of our bodily functions and ensures that everything works properly. The ECS releases natural cannabinoids that are vital for a variety of physiological things, from the way we think to the way we feel pain. In fact, it plays a role in almost every aspect of our being.


The effects of CBD on the body

When CBD is consumed, it interacts with the ECS and encourages it to produce a greater number of natural cannabinoids. By doing this, our body is better able to heal and regulate various functions. Furthermore, CBD not only helps produce self-healing cannabinoids, it also interacts with our CB2 receptors, which oversee our entire immune system.


How to take CBD OIL to help as an anti-inflammatory?

(10ml) 20% full spectrum cbd oil Laboratorios canalanza
Full Spectrum CBD oil 20%  (10ml) Canalanza

Now we know how the Natural CBD Oil elaborated by Laboratorios Canalanza can help you with most of the common symptoms.

Our suggestion is to start using our CBD oil Canalanza with 3-5 drops. Starting in the morning, before breakfast and under the tongue.

Leave the oil to dissolve with saliva for at least one minute.

Put 2-3 drops before having lunch and another 3-5 at night half an hour before going to sleep.

For better results increase with 1-2 drops in the morning dosage and 2-3 at night.

Our CBD oil has a natural flavor due to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil used as the base.

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