Does CBD oil help against Cold Sores?

More than 67% of the world’s population suffers from herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1).

The vast majority of the time, the virus remains dormant in the cell bodies of the oral (oral herpes caused by HSV-1 virus) and genital regions (genital herpes caused by HSV-1 and HSV-2 viruses). Factors such as stress and other illnesses can cause the virus to appear, producing sores and stereotyped blisters.

There is also the so-called herpes zoster which is caused by a different virus (varicella-zoster virus) unrelated to these two viruses.

What is a Cold Sore?

These outbreaks cause red, itchy and painful sores on the lips, nose or fingers.

The initial phase is less noticeable, with only a slight tingling in the affected area. Once the blisters are visible, they fill with fluid and become inflamed. The blisters will then increase in size until they rupture, the most contagious phase as the fluid is extremely infectious.

Although the HSV-1 virus is incurable, it is not as serious as it sounds. Most people contract the virus in childhood, or by kissing or sharing food and drink. Most people who have never had an outbreak don’t even know they have the virus.

For first-time sufferers, the symptoms can be severe due to the manifestation of the virus. Physical symptoms include:

    • muscle aches
    • fever
    • swollen lymph nodes
    • eroded gums
    • sore throat and headaches.

    How to treat Cold Sores

    Conventional treatment includes anti-inflammatory and antiviral medications or ointments that alleviate the symptoms rather than fighting the herpes and may eliminate the possibility of transmitting the infection during a herpes outbreak.

    Even so, it is recommended to protect the affected area and basic hygiene measures such as not sharing lip balm.

    Creams such as Abreva can help with cold sores, however, they can cause some of the original symptoms associated with the virus: burning, dryness, itching, rash, pain, swelling and headaches.

    How can CBD help against Cold Sores?

    Cannabidiol (CBD) can combat problematic cold sore outbreaks, help control the associated symptoms, and can be administered without the risk of additional side effects.

    CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory and has proven to be highly successful in treating inflammation.

    A simple CBD lip balsam may help relieve itching and burning.

    It is antiviral and antibacterial, inhibiting the virus’ ability to multiply and reproduce.

    CBD is analgesic, reducing any pain associated with the symptoms of the virus and blisters. Some patients experience high levels of stress during or before an outbreak, CBD is naturally anxiolytic, helping to relieve stress and anxiety. 

    It might be usefull to try out a CBD Oil with a 10% concentration

    In general, cold sores are not serious. However, people at risk are those with other conditions that weaken the immune system, e.g. AIDS, type 1 diabetes, arthritis, lupus and eczema.

    However, CBD has the ability to fight pathogens such as HSV and help the healing process of cells and tissues thanks to its abundant beneficial properties. CBD interacts with our own endocannabinoid system, helping to regulate and maintain internal homeostasis, making the ECS the most important system for maintaining human health.

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